Welcome to the airyxOS user and developer wiki!

The Airyx™ Open Desktop Operating System, otherwise known as airyxOS™, is an open-source desktop OS designed to look & feel similar to recent versions of Apple's macOS® and aims to be mostly compatible with it at a source, and eventually at a binary, level. The Airyx project is still very young but is making rapid progress. For background and general info, screenshots, releases, and access to the source code, please check out https://airyx.org/.

This wiki holds information for developers and users of airyxOS. It's brand new so please bear with us! If you would like to help document things or organize this wiki, please get in touch with mszoek on our Discord, Matrix or IRC channel.

Developer Info

Development action is mostly on Discord and over at our GitHub. A (very) high-level Roadmap is available. Need something to hack on? Check out the Project Ideas!

  • TODO: concepts
  • DevSetup has some information on setting up a development environment
  • The SystemLayout describes where to find and put things.
  • TODO: guide to porting macOS apps
  • TODO: living without Xcode
  • ...

User Info

  • TODO: feature summary
  • TODO: supported hardware
  • TODO: using the Live CD and installation guide
  • TODO: where to find everything - important directories, apps
  • TODO: using airyxOS for FreeBSD/Linux users
  • TODO: using airyxOS for macOS users
  • TODO: using airyxOS for Windows users
  • TODO: system updates
  • ...